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Homepage – Prof. Gustavo de Assis Costa

publicado 14/11/2018 17h25 | última modificação 23/07/2021 15h39

I’m a Full Professor at the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Goiás, Jataí campus, Brazil. I have a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (ITA – Aeronautics Institute of Technology) with my thesis entitled “Entity Resolution and Link Discovery for Dataset Integration on the Web of Data.” I have strong experience in teaching (Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Associate Degree, and Vocational Technical Courses in Computer Science) and academic management.
I completed a PostDoctoral fellowship at INESC TEC / University of Porto, where I could gain great experience developing an applied project to the industry field. I held functions as Head of Engineering and Computer Science Departments and Course Coordinator. I led several projects for bachelor course design, as vocational and undergraduate courses.
Research areas of my interest involve technologies as Semantic Web, Knowledge Graphs, Natual Language Processing, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Stream Mining, Industry 4.0.

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